Saturday, December 21, 2013

Python(x, y) Released!

Hi All,

I'm happy to announce that Python(x, y) is available for immediate download.

The last two releases focused on:

  • Getting out of DLL hell.
  • Eliminate all duplicate versions of libraries (JPEG, PNG, HDF5 etc).
  • Eliminate usage of any Microsoft Runtime but msvcrt90 and any instabilities caused by it.
  • Providing all optional dependencies of the core plugins.

Off course the scientific and system aspects were not neglected:

  • All packages updated to their latest versions.
  • Numpy/Scipy now use Intel MKL.
  • GDAL was updated to the latest version and uses the up to date system libraries.
  • Astropy - an astronomy oriented plugin was added.
  • PyZMQ was updated to 14.0.1 and built with PGM and ZMQ_CURVE security support.
  • NetCDF4 was rebuilt and now includes support OpenDAP and HDF4.

Several new and interesting plugins were introduced:

  • fabric - A simple, pythonic remote execution and deployment tool.
  • enaml - A Declarative DSL for building rich user interfaces in Python. Upgraded to core plugin.
  • pygame - A set of python modules designed for writing games
  • pytest - A mature full-featured alternative to nose. This plugin comes packed with many additional plugins (pep8, cov, flakes etc).
  • Python 3.x compatibility helpers were added to the python_base plugin - enum34, faulthandler and mock.
Please note that WindowsXP is no longer tested or officially supported. It's EOL is getting closed (April 2014) and the resources to support it are not available.

As always this release can be downloaded from any of the mirrors. The full change log can be viewed here. Please post your comments and suggestions to the mailing list.

Have fun!

-Gabi Davar

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