Saturday, January 5, 2013

Python(x, y) Released!

Hi All,

We are happy to announce that Python(x, y) is available for immediate download. We should all thank the diligent people of McAfee for flagging autoconsole.exe as a virus - that was the last of the old AutoIt binaries.

Some notable changes:
  • SQLAlchemy has been re-packaged - it was completely unusable.
  • The main installation was tweaked so that the uninstaller will erase _all_ possible locations of Python(x, y) registry keys. This should finally rid of those annoying install issues.
  • uncertenties joined Python(x, y) as a core plugin.
  • Numerous additional plugin were updated (visvis now comes with ffmpeg and freetype).
There are several major enhancements which are on the table:
  1. Make Python itself a plugin - allowing for a non admin install.
  2. 64 bit version.
  3. Fix and expand the installer command line to allow setting: all/user install, target paths, package selection etc.
  4. Add support for installation and updates of XY plugins and PyPi packages from the web.
  5. Add support for virtualenv creation and management.
  6. Eliminate duplicate dependencies between packages - have just once instance of each (Zlib, bzip2, libpng, etc).
Please post your opinions to the mailing list.

As this release can be downloaded from any of the mirrors and an update is available as well.

-Gabi Davar

Version (12/30/2012)


  • uncertainties - Transparently handles calculations with numbers with uncertainties (like 3.1+-0.01)


  • SQLAlchemy 0.7.9-2
  • PyQt? 4.9.5-2
  • QtHelp? 4.8.3-1
  • PyQwt? 5.2.1-5
  • guidata 1.5.1-1
  • Cython 0.17.2-2
  • guiqwt 2.2.1-1
  • Console 2.0.148-8
  • xy 1.2.16-1
  • Distribute 0.6.32-2
  • virtualenv 1.8.4-2
  • cx_Freeze 4.3.1-1
  • Torando 2.4.1-1
  • VPython 5.74-1
  • pandas 0.9.1-2
  • uncertainties 1.9-1
  • mx 3.2.5-1