Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Python(x, y) Released!

Hi All,

I'm happy to announce that Python(x, y) is available for immediate download.from any of the mirrors. The full change log can be viewed here. Please post your comments and suggestions to the mailing list.

Looking forward - actual work on a Python 2.7 64bit version is underway. A Python 3.4.x version is next in line - this is based on current perceived users input. Help would be much appreciated - it will make the 3.4.x happen sooner.

Please note that WindowsXP is no longer tested or officially supported - It has officially followed Windows 2000 into retirement.

What's new in general:

  • The NTUA mirror is temporary unlisted until a FALSE malware issue is resolved with Chrome.
  • The installer was enhanced to support more command line arguments for easier unattended install -  See Advanced Install .
  • pip is modified to provide more information in the 'show' command:

  • MinGW was finally updated 4.8.1 as Python 2.7.6+ was fixed to support it.
  • All packages updated to their latest versions (at the time) - IPython, GDAL, OpenCV, Numpy, SciPy, ITK, sqlalchemy, Astropy, SWIG etc.
  • Support libraries version updated - libpng, webp, turbojpeg, openjpeg2000.
  • Packaging Bug fixes (OpenCV, console uninstall, etc).
  • PycURL now include the relevant curl executable.

New noteworthy packages:

  • ffnet - Feed-forward neural network solution for python.
  • PyMC - Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling toolkit.
  • seaborn - a Python visualization library based on matplotlib.
  • PyAudio - Python bindings for PortAudio, the cross-platform audio I/O library.
  • pyOpenSSL - Python interface to the OpenSSL library
  • requests - a HTTP library, written in Python, for human beings.
Have fun!

-Gabi Davar