Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Beta Ready - b4

Hi All,

A beta of is ready for testing. Please download and test - your feedback is vital!

Why beta?

  1. Major changes were made to the way packages are installed. Specifically to eliminate "all users" vs. "current user" troubles.
  2. Testing was limited to a token few systems (WinXP SP3 & Win7 32bit).
  3. The sheer amount of package updates.
Upgrading was not tested at all and may yield unpredictable results. Please uninstall any previous Python(x,y) installs before installing the beta. 



  • ITK 3.20 (without the itkvtkglue feature which is not compatible with VTK 5.8.0)
  • pyparsing 1.5.6 - upgraded from additional plugin status.
  • pyfits 3.0.5 - Hidden under Veusz, upgraded to core plugin status.
  • Veusz converted from an "other" plugin to a python plugin.
  • pandas 0.7.0


  • All shell shortcuts have their working directory set to USERPROFILE.
  • All file assosiactions, menu shorcuts and environment variables are created based on current context.
  • The Python CHM is no longer unpacked.
  •  Issue 379 : installing vitables should automatically add pyQT
  •  Issue 374 : PyQt4-4.8.5_py27 user install bug
  •  Issue 373 : installing python(x,y) breaks existing python install without warning
  •  Issue 359 : Scripts exe's won't launch corresponding when installing python in custom dir
  •  Issue 329 : Left click menu shortcuts for console are broken
  •  Issue 292 : Python(x,y) installs registry to HKCU instead of HKLM even if "for all users" is selected
  •  Issue 274 : Installation Issues and Enhancement Requests
  •  Issue 107 : Installation to many user accounts


  • Spyder
  • guidata
  • guiqwt
  • Distribute 0.6.24
  • nose
  • Sphinx 1.1.2
  • Console
  • PyQt?
  • QtHelp? 4.7.4
  • SciTE
  • PySerial?
  • MDP 3.3
  • netcdf4 0.9.9
  • PyTables? 2.3.1
  • numexpr 2.0.1
  • SciPy?
  • scikits.image 0.4.2
  • numpy
  • xy
  • IPython
  • simplejson 2.3.2
  • pylint
  • NetworkX 1.6
  • Enthought Tool Suite 4.1.0
  • cvxopt 1.1.4
  • mx 3.2.3
  • VPython 5.72
  • scikits-learn
  • jinja2
  • Cython
  • Pip
  • cx_Freeze
  • docutils
  • PIL
  • PP
  • winpdb
  • GDAL
  • Veusz 1.14.2
  • wxPython
  • Pywin32 2.17
  • ETS
  • gnuplot
  • VTK
  • vitables
  • WinMerge?
  • MinGW
  • SWIG
  • gettext


  1. Sorry if I double posted but it looks like my first comment dissappeared. I dont have any feedback to the installer yet because I am dowloading it right now. Please advise to what the major changes are to the installer. It would be nice to know if there are command line options that are now available. Fix List would also be great!

    1. The changes are attached. Although the command line interface was not changed - please create an issue for this.

    2. Thank you! FYI - The title of your Beta Post reads "New Beta Ready - b4" isn't it

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  3. I just installed this distribution on two different machines. One is Windows XP SP3 x86 and the other is Windows 7 x64. On both machines, after installation, the shortcut to run xyhome.pyw did not function. After running in the command prompt I found that I was getting an error when the load process got to the location where it gets registry entries. After a little debugging, I found that the distribution installer has placed Python(x,y) registry entries in both the HKLM and HKCU locations. Even though I specified a system wide installation, most of the pertinent registry entries reside under the HKCU location. However, since the HKLM location exists, the script never gets to look at the current user location. The HKLM location only included one entry for Installation Language if I recall.

    The location on the Windows XP machine was: HKLM/Software/Python(x,y)
    The location on the Windows 7 machine was: HKLM/Wow6432Node/Software/Python(x,y)

    Once I removed this entry, everything functioned as desired.

    Thanks for putting this together. It is very useful and save a lot of time!