Saturday, September 10, 2011

Python(x, y) Released!

Hi All,
Pierre and I are pleased to announce that Python(x,y) has been released. This is the first major release based on Python 2.7. We'll concentrate next on bug fixes and updating the additional plugins. 

Python(x,y) is a free Python distribution providing a ready-to-use scientific development software for numerical computations, data analysis and data visualization based on Python programming language, Qt graphical user interfaces (and development framework), Eclipse integrated development environment and Spyder interactive development environment. Its purpose is to help scientific programmers used to interpreted languages (such as MATLAB or IDL) or compiled languages (C/C++ or Fortran) to switch to Python. Here is the change log for version


  • Distribute 0.6.21
  • Pip 1.0.2
  • cx_Freeze 4.2.3
  • OpenCV 2.3.1


  • Python 2.7.2
  • xy 1.2.9
  • Spyder 2.0.13
  • PyQt 4.8.5
  • QtHelp 4.7.2
  • PyQwt
  • NumPy 1.6.1
  • SciPy
  • guidata 1.4.0
  • guiqwt 2.1.5
  • h5py 2.0.0
  • PyTables 2.2.1
  • vitables
  • Cython 0.15
  • Enthought Tool Suite 4.0.0
  • wxPython
  • Veusz 1.13
  • docutils 0.8.1
  • netCDF4 0.9.7
  • Sympy 0.7.1
  • GDAL 1.8.1
  • mxBase 3.2.1
  • NetworkX 1.5
  • scikits.learn 0.8.1
  • MinGW
  • Console


  • Eclipse is relegated to additional package status. The reasons being sheer size, maintenance and reduced value.
  • setuptools: deprecated, replaced by Distribute
  • pyopencv 2.1.0.wr1.1.0 - no longer maintained. Replaced with native OpenCV python bindings.
  • ITK: difficult maintenance and reduced value.

-Gabi Davar and Pierre Raybaut


  1. Hi,

    Is there a way to incrementally update from, or do I have to install it completly from scratch?


  2. Hello, it's a great job, I am wondering where we can find the md5 or sha for the downloads?

  3. Hi
    I install it under win7

    However, when I click the shortcut, nothing is working.

    Try clicking the right mouse button to use
    open enhanced console here will give me a error

    if there is a method to deal with it
    Please give me a mail

  4. Hello,

    thank you for the good work. After trying to compiling the ITK-Wrappers for Python for 2 days I just downloaded PythonXY (2.6...) and it worked out of the box within 1/2 hour. It would be great if in on of the future release itk would be enabled again.

    There is also some development going on with ITK4 and SimpleITK - maybe if this is ready its easier to integrate...